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Watching our children grow up is always a great joy. But when it’s time to dress them for school, there’s the worry of choosing the right size so that they don’t outgrow their clothes too soon.

And this concern has been with families for years. In the old days, when clothing shops did not yet exist, they used to go to the tailor’s and buy tailored uniforms. But the children were getting older and it took a lot of money to visit the tailor every year. If you didn’t have a lot of money, you looked for “alternatives” to dress the children other than at the tailor’s:

  • One was to go only at the beginning of the school year, the tailor would take the child’s exact measurements, make the clothes and eventually the parents would buy them. However, the parents would not visit the tailor’s shop again for several years, when it was already impossible for the clothes to fit the child.
  • The other “solution” was to ask the tailor for two or three sizes above the actual size, regardless of how the clothes fit. The girl or boy would then fill out the uniform with the years…..

Nowadays, on the other hand, the clothing world works with the concept of sizes, which are an approximation of the different measurements we humans have. Sizes have made it possible to produce clothes in an industrial way and for everyone.

The problem is that, as you know, sizes adapt more or less successfully to people’s bodies. For example, sometimes we feel that a size “42” is too big but “40” is too small. And to complicate matters a little more, often a size “40” fits us wonderfully with one brand of manufacturer, while the same size with another brand fits us small, or large.

On top of that, in the case of children’s clothing we also have to consider the growth rate of children, which makes it even more difficult to choose the right size.

Evolucion niño

Therefore, at Rosa García Confecciones we manufacture uniforms with sufficiently wide and flexible sizes, and that allow an optimum performance for a longer period of time.

We explain it to you:

  1. For boys and girls who start nursery at school and will go through the whole of the INFANTIL stage (up to the age of 6), our sizes are consecutive up to size 4, and in some cases we go up to size 6. The reason is that in this stage of development all children grow, but in a stable way. Each size usually corresponds to the children’s age.
  2. In PRIMARY, ESO and BATXILLERAT, on the other hand, the sizes we make are enlarged and go from two to two (size 6, 8, 10…) to better support growth and increase durability. During this stage, all children begin to develop at a faster rate of growth, albeit more unevenly between them. The reason for this is the genetics of their parents. Thus, in the same high school class we can find girls with a size 14 and girls with a size 22.

As soon as the boys and girls start ESO, it is important to choose clothes that are a little loose, wide. This way we will be able to cope with the stretching in height typical of these ages and make the uniforms last longer in use.

We have prepared a simple table to help you choose the right size for our uniforms.All you have to do is measure at four different points of the body (chest, waist, navel and leg length ), then put the results you have obtained in each column of the table, and you will have a complete map of the sizes available in our online shop

We’ll show it to you,

For girls,

Tallas niñas

And for boys,

Tallas niños

We hope we have helped you to choose the best sizes. Remember that if you have any doubts before or when you are placing your order online, you can always call us on 93.3710638 so that we can advise you. We will be delighted!!

Thank you for coming here. Cheer up and leave us your opinion on this topic in the comments: Do you understand the table well? Any suggestions? Or tell us your experience with sizing. We all have some good tricks to share and we’re looking forward to hearing them!

Best regards.



  1. Buenos dias,

    Mi hija entrara en Enero al colegio La Miranda y necesitamos comprar todo el uniforme correspondiente. Ella tiene 9 anyos y cumplira 10 en Febrero. Actualmente estamos en Suiza pero necesitamos saber si ya fuera posible pedir el uniforme con ustedes para tenerlo todo listo para Enero. Nos estamos mudando a Barcelona a mediados de diciembre y por eso necesitamos asesoramiento de que hacer. Gracias por su comprensión



    1. Hola Marisabel, te hemos enviado un email para responder a todas tus dudas. Muchas gracias por tu confianza en nosotros, nos vemos pronto!

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