We are a family business, founded almost forty years ago in Esplugues de Llobregat by Rosa García Bernardo, a vitalist and passionate woman in the world of sewing. Rosa began her career in the textile sector during the 1960s, working as an apprentice in the Santa Eulalia department store on Passeig de Gràcia at the age of…14!

After accumulating innumerable work experiences in different dressmaking workshops and fashion shops, Rosa decided to develop her full potential by setting up her own top quality dressmaking workshop (yes, yes, the ones of #proximity). And so far!

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Rosa Garcia Confecciones

Various generations sharing experience and innovation


In our highly dynamic, demanding and competitive environment, we are committed to customer satisfaction and, in particular, to Quality as an essential and true hallmark of our company.

"Quality is doing right when no one is looking".
Henry Ford.

Costumes for children's programs,
such as Club Super3
Costumes for children's programs,
such as Club Super3
Costumes for children's programs,
such as Club Super3
We have designed and made historical costumes for fictional and informative series.
We have made costumes for presenters of news programmes, entertainment programmes, of collaborators, etc.



We are present in various sectors, such as the audiovisual sector. Since 2012, our company has been the exclusive supplier of the tailoring and dressmaking services for the wardrobe department of the TV3 television channel.

Being a partner of a big channel like TV3 allows us to grow day by day in an adventure full of challenges and original projects.



También estamos presentes en otros sectores, como el audiovisual. Desde 2012, nuestra empresa es única proveedora de los Servicios de Sastrería y Modistería del departamento de Vestuario de la cadena de Televisión TV3“

A lo largo de estos años….

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To earn the confidence of the families to dress their children for many years.

Because they are the future. Because we see them grow year after year and size after size. Because when they come to our shop, they give us their smiles and share their progress. That’s why we love to dress them properly.

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Director de colegio

Choosing a new school uniform supplier is a complex decision that has to go through a series of phases. Important values, such as flexibility, trust, security in the continuity of the service, professionalism and the supplier’s harmony with the families/clients are key aspects that finally ends to a good decision.

With Rosa García Confecciones you will be able to…

  • Overcoming the problems of lack of stock, the quality defects of the clothes or the problems of parents and children to buy uniforms in September. We have a physical shop and an online shop, where families can place their orders from home at any time, and receive them in less than 48 hours.
  • We manufacture in a flexible way, avoiding stock shortages.

If you are happy with the current design of your uniform, but would like to improve its quality, the service in general, or the logistics for families, please contact us.

  • If your uniform needs to be renewed, we have experience in implementing new designs. We act as partners helping you to choose the best options, always aligned with your corporate identity and the values to be transmitted
  • The quality of our products is the pillar on which we base our success
  • To fully implement the use of the uniform, you need a trusted expert to help you along the way. Provider, students, AMPAS, teachers and families are the different groups to be integrated in an optimal solution for everyone. We would be delighted to be your partner for school uniforms.

Not a single school that introduces the uniform into its dress code abandons it. It has been proven that uniforms have a powerful positive and transformative impact on students’ activities and on the academic environment. It is a winning decision.

  • Creates a safe, cohesive and focused academic environment.
  • Promotes unity among different student populations.
  • Eliminates pressure and unhealthy competition between classmates.
  • Promotes our school to the community.
  • Increases security.
  • Reinforces the true identity and self-esteem of the student.
  • Boosts school spirit.
  • Eliminates morning disturbances and delays for families.
  • Aligns clothing and school values.
  • Saves families money.
  • Reduces the potential for bullying
  • Prepares for the outside world.
  • Anticipates adult professionalism.

And many more advantages that we can explain to the AMPAS, teachers and other agents to be involved to guarantee the success of the implementation of the uniform.

We ensure that our uniform and staff represent your school brand with efficiency, quality and pride.

  • We obtain a high level of satisfaction from families with our exclusive customer focus, centred on values such as,
    • full quality of our clothes. We make durable, comfortable, functional and versatile uniforms
    • Advice to the families under the concept not of sizes but of stages of stages of growth of their children. Long-term vision of the school uniform.
    • For the youngest pupils, we have a play area in our physical shop which allows parents to relax and be comfortably attended by our staff.
  • We are experts in making uniforms that respect inclusive values, such as attention to diversity or the gender of the student.
  • We strive to offer our students uniforms that they are proud to wear and that are aesthetically pleasing to them.

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